Hello fellow travelers my name is Kurt and exploring our beautiful country is what my wife and I like to do. When we travel we depend on services like TripAdvisor or Yelp to help us choose where to stay, where to eat and what to see. A good portion of these reviews are based entirely on cost, retribution for perceived issues or filled with petty grievances. My wife and I have visited and seen some wonderful places and activities that if we had heeded reviews might not have seen. I thought a good honest review site could be helpful in these situations for people to read before venturing forth in our great country.


So, I decided to start this blog.


Who knows if anyone will read it or even know it exists but in a way this will be a journal for us to relive and remember our travels regardless if anyone else is interested.


A little about us we are empty nesters who fall into the middle class. We travel as much as we can but both still work in jobs that require a good deal of our time. Our travels are not extravagant, although we occasionally enjoy staying in a luxury hotel and upgrade to first class when we can. Our travels were mostly by air until last year when we found that we enjoy a road trip so the travel is actually part of the journey. We travel in the U.S.A. mostly and have never been to another country together, we think this country has so much to share that we haven’t seen that we will concentrate on it first.


To sum it up I am starting this this blog for two reasons first to help other travelers in the United States find cool places to see, stay, eat and experience and second as a way for my wife and I to relive our experiences.